AIAA LA LV is a non-profit organization and is run by volunteers, who are passionate about aerospace. They do not get paid by AIAA.

AIAA LA-LV (Professional) Section Council Members 2023-2024 

Chairman of the AIAA LA LV Council 2023-2024

Dr. Kenneth Lui (Ken’s Consulting)

Ms. Courtney Best


Mr. Lynn Jenson

Mr. Gary Moir
Technical Chair

Ms. Sherry Stukes

Membership Chair

Mr. Luis Cuevas
YP (Early Career Professional) Chair

Mr. Marty Waldman
Las Vegas Chapter Chair

Mr. Daniel Robert Scalese

Public Policy Chair

Mr. Ian Clavio
Education / Collegiate Chair

Ms. Arpie Ovsepyan

STEM/STEAM K-12 Outreach Chair

Mr. Jeremy “Prius” Robins

Career & Workforce Development Chair

Dr. Ken Lui

(Acting) Events/Program Chair

Dr. Seth Pottter

Ambassador with NSS/OASIS, ALF, A-MAN