(September 19, 2020) CU Cubesat During COVID-19 w/ Dr. Palo / students | AeroDesign Team of USC: AIAA DBF 1st Winner | UNLV NTPR Valerie Lawdensky

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Part I: CU Cubesat Work during COVID-19 Pandemic with Prof. Scott Palo and students

Part III: UNLV Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Rocket (NTPR) with Valerie Lawdensky

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Agenda September 19, 2020
AIAA LA LV September 19 CU Cubesat Dr Palo and students
00:09:30 Prof. Scott Palo
00:56:17 Evan Bauch (CIRBE, Student)
01:29:03 Brodie Wallace (CU-E3, Student)
01:55:25 Matthew Zola (MAXWELL, Student)
02:31:45 Adjourn
AIAA LA LV September 19 UNLV NTPR Valerie Lawdensky

(August 15, 2020) AIAA LA LV Section Aerospace Women’s Career Day Event

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*AIAA LA-LV YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCJrx_vB7oxnU6T1yinEapg
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AIAA LA-LV August 15 Aerospace Women Career Day Event

Member Spotlight (Feb. 10, 2020) on Dr. Marty K. Bradley

Member Spotlight (Feb. 10, 2020) on Dr. Marty K. Bradley

Dr. Marty K. Bradley
AIAA Fellow
Technical Fellow for The Boeing Company
Boeing Commercial Airplanes Advanced Concepts Group

Dr. Bradley currently advises and executes projects to investigate advanced sustainable aviation and electric aircraft concepts for Boeing Commercial Airplanes and NASA. Over his 36 year aerospace career, he has been a team leader for projects related to advanced concepts and technologies, electric and hybrid electric aircraft, green aircraft design, alternative fuels, environmental life cycle assessment (LCA), and propulsion.

He has a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, all from the University of Southern California and currently teaches their capstone senior aircraft design course.

He is an AIAA Fellow and the Founder of the AIAA Aircraft Electrified Propulsion and Power (AEPP) Working Group. He helped create and was the General Chair of the Electric Aircraft Technologies Symposium (EATS). He previously was Chair of the AIAA Green Engineering Program Committee and the High Speed Airbreathing Propulsion Technical Committee. He is an instructor for the AIAA short course on the “Design for Electric and Hybrid Electric Aircraft”. He is the Technical Chair for P&E 2020.

He has authored 2 book chapters, 50 publications, 2 patents, and conducted 15 addresses or speeches at technical conferences related to green aviation and advanced propulsion. He has lectured in courses and seminars at USC, Auburn, MIT, and Cal State Los Angeles and Long Beach on electric aircraft, alternative fuels and green aviation technologies.

As a kid, he was inspired by his math and science teachers and the Apollo program. As a college student and early career, he was inspired by the Cold War technological race with the Soviet Union. In about 2000, he realized that the environmental impact of aviation was going to be his next inspirational challenge and has led to his significant role in what today is called Sustainable Aviation.

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Member Spotlight (Feb. 17, 2020) on Dr. Anita Sengupta

Member Spotlight (Feb. 17, 2020) on Dr. Anita Sengupta:

Dr. Anita Sengupta
Co-Founder at Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX)
Former NASA Engineer
Former Hyperloop Engineer

Dr. Sengupta is an aerospace engineer, rocket scientist, pilot, and veteran of the space program. She worked for NASA for 16 years where her engineering projects included her PhD research on developing the ion propulsion system for the Dawn Mission (currently in the main asteroid belt), the supersonic parachute that landed the Curiosity rover on Mars, and the Cold Atom Laboratory an atomic physics facility now on board the International Space Station.

After leaving NASA she led the development of the hyperloop as senior vice president of engineering systems at Virgin Hyperloop, a technology that can enable ground based travel in excess of airline speed.

Her current venture is Co-Founder at Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX), an electrified autonomous VTOL urban aerial mobility technology company. As an engineering savvy executive and pilot, she is now leading the mobility solutions for smart cities by eliminating congestion and reducing the carbon footprint of air travel.

Dr. Sengupta received her MS and PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California, where she is also a Research Associate Professor of Astronautics and Space Technology specializing in interplanetary entry system and green transportation technology.

In her spare time she is an avid pilot, motorcyclist, scuba diver, snowboarder, hiker, long distance runner, and Sci-Fi fan.

Her childhood inspiration was science fiction, specifically Dr. Who and Star Trek.