Apollo 11 Moon Landing (52nd) and Vikings Mars Landing (45th) Anniversaries

July 17, 2021 @ 9:00 am 1:30 pm PDT

1) Michael Collins 2) Become an Astronaut 3) Radiation Protection 4) Drive Mars Perseverance (Apollo 11 and Vikings Anniversaries)

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AIAA LA-LV Celebrates the Anniversaries of

Apollo 11 Moon Landing (52nd) and Vikings Mars Landing (45th)

July 17, 2021, 9 AM PDT (US and Canada) (GMT -0700)


(The list may not represent the actual order of presentations.)

“Michael Collins: A Life Well Live”

Dr. Jennifer Ross-Nazzal


NASA Johnson Space Center


“NASA Astronaut Program – How to Become an Astronaut”

Dr. Paul D. Ronney

AIAA Associate Fellow

Professor and Chair, Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering,

Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California


“Radiation Protection of Astronauts, and Human Space Exploration to the Moon and Mars”

Prof. Dr. Sarah Baatout

Director/Head of Radiobiology Unit, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre

SCK-CEN, Belgium,

Invited Professor @ Department of Astrophysics, KULeuven, Belgium,

Member, The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR),

Secretary-Treasurer of the European Radiation Research Society


“Drive Perseverance on Mars”

Jeng Yen, PhD

Group Supervisor, Robotics

Jet Propulsion Laboratory / California Institute of Technology


Tentative Agenda (All Time PDT (Pacific Daylight Time, US and Canada))

09:00 AM PDT: Welcome and AIAA LA-LV Introduction

09:05 AM PDT: Dr. Jennifer Ross-Nazzal

10:20 AM PDT: Prof. Paul D. Ronney

11:05 AM PDT: Prof. Dr. Sarah Baatout

11:50 AM PDT: Dr. Jeng Yen, PhD

01:20 PM PDT: Adjourn


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AIAA Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section

AIAA LA-LV New Space mini-Conference 2020, April 18, 2020 (online)

AIAA LA-LV New Space mini-Conference 2020, April 18, 2020 (online):

Event information: https://conta.cc/2Vo1Hty

AIAA LA LV YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCJrx_vB7oxnU6T1yinEapg

Dr. Chandrashekhar Sonwane (Welcome Message):  https://youtu.be/VQRuYqxF5Cw

John Rose (Welcome Message): https://youtu.be/Chfpm0e7_TA

Shawn Boike (Space Force): https://youtu.be/5Sbzi9rAmRk

Prof Joyce Liao: Eye-brain issues in microgravity & effect of hypoxia in COVID-19 infection: https://youtu.be/TXhNGVgiOVE

Fred Lawer: https://youtu.be/XXgcwKGDr2w

Matthew Kunhs: https://youtu.be/yMrZ2fdZxdw

Marty Waldman: https://youtu.be/nruc5LJndGo

Moises Seraphin: https://youtu.be/jk8xHTRWHeo

Brett Cornick: https://youtu.be/jYuI-JEGwLU

Larry Trager and Dr. Cheng-Yi Lu: https://youtu.be/do75XBeDRco

(More to be updated)

Dr. Chandrashekhar Sonwane (Welcome)
Shawn Boike (Space Force)
Fred Lawler (Resume & Interview Tips)
Marty Waldman (Nuclear Power / Clark County)
Brett Cornick (Technologies for earth & beyond)
April 18 Dr. Dan Raymer

John Rose (Welcome)
Prof. Joyce Liao (Microgravity Space Medicine)
Matthew Kuhns (Artemis & Additive Manufac.)
Moises Seraphin (Challenges/Future Generation)
Larry Trager and Dr. Cheng-Yi Lu


April 18, 2020 @ 9:00 am 4:00 pm PDT

Technologies to live on other planets, food, air, water, energy, transportation and communication

RSVP and Information: https://conta.cc/2Vo1Hty

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Saturday, April 18th, 2020, 9 AM – 4 PM (Pacific Time)

3rd AIAA LA LV New Space e-mini-Conference

Technologies to live on other planets, food, air, water, energy, transportation and communication

Join Online Zoom: Price: FREE!!!

Direct Link: https://aiaa.zoom.us/j/208367099?pwd=ZDVxeFJlSkhTY3Z6a2FUNWNEZTZHdz09

(or aiaa.zoom.us/join) Webinar ID: 208-367-099; Webinar Password: 607389

Telephone Dial-in: 877 853 5257 (Toll Free)

Also included: Aerospace career workshop or resume writing / interview tips for various engineering, medical, art etc. disciplines by experts from Aeroject-Rocketdyne, Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martion, and NASA JPL, etc.

Dr. Chandrashekhar Sonwane,
Chair of AIAA LA LV, EPA Scientific Advisory Board member
Aerojet-Rocketdyne (Welcome Message)

Inaugural Presentation: Technologies to Live on Other Planets:
Getting There, and Getting Around
-Three design studies by Dan Raymer, from wild to really crazy

Presented by
Dr. Daniel P. Raymer, author of
Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach

Shawn Boike, Insta-Grid.com (Space Force)

Prof. Joyce Liao, Stanford Univ. Medical School
(Eye-brain issues in microgravity and the effect of hypoxia in COVID-19 infection)

Matthew Kuhns, Masten Space Systems
(Lunar (Artemis) activities and Additive Manufacturing)

Marty Waldman, SIL, AIAA Las Vegas, NDIA S. Nevada
(Aerospace activities in the Clark County)

Fred Lawler, Raytheon (Resume Workshop and Interview Skills)

Moises Seraphin and Brett Cornick (Challenges faced by future Generation)

Jennifer S. Perdigao and Jared Schneider,
Tressler’s Transportation Practice Group
(Space Junk Liability)

Erik Jessen, Raytheon (Agile and Extreme Programming)

(Additional speakers from Boeing, Aerojet-Rocketdyne, Northrop Grumman)

(Exhibitors are welcome and will have 5-10 min each to introduce.)

You do not need to be a member of AIAA to attend the event. Volunteers are needed for all AIAA activities.

Additional speakers are needed for this event, please email: cgsonwane@gmail.com

For event questions, please contact: Events/Program Chair (events.aiaalalv@gmail.com) or (949)426-8175


AIAA Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section