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Apollo 11 Moon Landing (52nd) and Vikings Mars Landing (45th) Anniversaries

1) Michael Collins 2) Become an Astronaut 3) Radiation Protection 4) Drive Mars Perseverance (Apollo 11 and Vikings Anniversaries) RSVP and Information: https://conta.cc/3gQa6B2 (For posting only, not for ticket sale on this webpage. Please check RSVP and information link/button for RSVP/registration/tickets. Thank you very much !) AIAA LA-LV Celebrates the Anniversaries of Apollo 11 Moon […]

AIAA LA-LV New Space mini-Conference 2020, April 18, 2020 (online)

AIAA LA-LV New Space mini-Conference 2020, April 18, 2020 (online): Event information: https://conta.cc/2Vo1Hty AIAA LA LV YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCJrx_vB7oxnU6T1yinEapg Dr. Chandrashekhar Sonwane (Welcome Message):  https://youtu.be/VQRuYqxF5Cw John Rose (Welcome Message): https://youtu.be/Chfpm0e7_TA Shawn Boike (Space Force): https://youtu.be/5Sbzi9rAmRk Prof Joyce Liao: Eye-brain issues in microgravity & effect of hypoxia in COVID-19 infection: https://youtu.be/TXhNGVgiOVE Fred Lawer: https://youtu.be/XXgcwKGDr2w Matthew Kunhs: https://youtu.be/yMrZ2fdZxdw Marty Waldman: https://youtu.be/nruc5LJndGo Moises Seraphin: https://youtu.be/jk8xHTRWHeo Brett Cornick: https://youtu.be/jYuI-JEGwLU […]


Technologies to live on other planets, food, air, water, energy, transportation and communication RSVP and Information: https://conta.cc/2Vo1Hty (This posting below is only for information. Please click the link above to RSVP) Saturday, April 18th, 2020, 9 AM – 4 PM (Pacific Time) 3rd AIAA LA LV New Space e-mini-Conference Technologies to live on other planets, […]