AIAA LA-LV Space Philosophy Gathering

December 18, 2021 @ 10:00 am 2:00 pm PST

AIAA LA-LV Space Philosophy Gathering on December 18, 2021

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AIAA LA-LV Space Philosophy Gathering


Saturday December 18th, 10AM-2PM PST (US & Canada)

Philosophy deals with the fundamental nature of knowledge and seeks answers and meaning to the deep questions of our existence, nature, and the cosmos. Great philosophies underpin the activities of great civilizations. Philosophical thoughts and tenets precede visions and policies of nations that manifest as concepts and architectures that are vital to propel the progress engine for the continued sustenance of civilization.


Space philosophy shines light on the various dimensions of humanity’s quest to interact with nature’s most open, transparent, and spacious physical domain; to explore, settle, and engage not only our nation or established allies, but to extend our collaboration, find common meaning, and enhance and enrich our common humanity across the globe, for the benefit and betterment of all.


Space philosophy, through what we know from the very short span our species has directly engaged our planet from without, continues to refine our species sensitivity, offering new insight and perspectives into our inextricable links with the biosphere, making us more aware of our place in the cosmos and the unique planet we call Mother Earth. Outer space activities continue to provide unbounded inspiration and nourishment for the soul of humanity through the sheer awe and wonder we experience while our curiosity impels us to pursue ever more complex operations in this domain.


By design, space activities and technologies are very conscious of resources, and space operations continue to pursue ever cleaner, ecologically sensitive awareness and frugal approaches that are finding their way into dwellings and cities on Earth. Our esteemed group of speakers and panelists from around the globe presented various dimensions and points of view on space philosophy.


August Space Philosophy here: AIAA LA LV Space Philosophy Gathering 2021 August 14 – YouTube


A common theme that resonated throughout the day-long event was that our species and our biosphere and our view and place in the cosmos are inextricably linked. And that we should continue to use our species-unique imaginative faculties and creativity that have served us well to progress the use of tools of technology to become more aware and more sensitive to our surroundings. The messages conveyed suggest that we act collectively in a manner that responds to nature benevolently, starting from caring for our immediate Earthly nature and environment. And space activity, human space activity in particular, is helping to make us better stewards of spaceship earth, or more appropriately, Mother Earth.


The overwhelming support for the August event now has accumulated a lineup of speakers who will present their views in the next edition of this program around Christmas time. One more way to enjoy the holidays!


List of Speakers


Arthur Gordon – Editor in Chief. Journal of Space Philosophy


“Overcoming Objections to Space Travel.”


The aim will be to examine why objections to space travel are so persistent and to explore how we might address them more successfully.


Jim Crisafulli – Executive Director, Alliance for Collaboration in the Exploration of Space (ACES Worldwide)


Global Space Activity: The Case for Collaboration not Competition


As a member of our ACES Worldwide International Advisory Committee I know you appreciate the “philosophy” to help advance humankind’s exploration of (and future development in) Space


Adriano Autino – Space Renaissance International, Founder, former President


My speech title: “Expanding Civilization Beyond Earth’s Limits: An Evolutionary Process”


Abstract: “Evolving to a Kardashev Type II Civilization, achieving the capability to use the Solar System energy, resources and information, and to achieve a 100% inclusive society. The history of life evolution is a negentropic struggle towards freedom.”


Alice Gorman – Space Archaeologist,


Space Archaeology And Why It Matters


After more than 60 years of space travel, human material culture has spread throughout the solar system and beyond, and is the subject of investigation by space archaeologists. These places and objects also have cultural heritage significance for people on Earth.


Kaja Antlej –


Title: Museums In The Age Of Human Expansion To Space:


Extended Reality Heritage Experiences For People Living And Working Off-Earth


Abstract: The presentation will discuss how museums and other heritage institutions could support mental, emotional and identity needs of astronauts and people living and working in ICE (isolated, confined and extreme) environments of space, including in space stations, on the Moon and Mars.


Can meaningful and engaging gamified extended reality (XR) experiences motivate astronauts to exercise?


Mike O’Neal


Steve Durst – Founding Director, ILOA


Fiorella Terenzi –


Life Lessons of the Universe


Universal laws of astrophysics contain extraordinary wisdom about our own lives.


The laws not discriminate between the enormous and the tiny, the primitive and the new.


They are simple. We cannot break or change these real and unchangeable universal laws.


More to be announced.

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December 18, 2021
10:00 am – 2:00 pm PST
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AIAA Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section

(August 22, 2020) AIAA LA-LV Space Architecture Gathering Summer 2020 !

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*Agenda Upload August 22, 2020 below

Agenda August 22
AIAA LA-LV August 22 2020 Space Architecture Gathering

00:00:00 Prof. Madhu Thangavelu (Introduction)
00:20:18 Prof. Olga Bannova – SATC and SICSA work
00:34:10 Ms. Anastasia Prosina – Interior design of space habitats
00:50:42 Dr. Marc Cohen – Lunar Studies
01:02:32 Mr. Brand Griffin – Lunar Concepts
01:17:05 Mr. Kriss Kennedy – Space Architecture @ the Tipping Point
01:32:50 Dr. A. Scott Howe – Space Architecture & Construction
01:44:00 Mr. John Mankins – Moon Village
01:59:22 Dr. Barbara Imhof – SHEE & EDEN
02:15:10 Ms. Barbara Belvisi – Simulators
02:32:28 Mr. John Spencer -Space Tourism – exploring the space experience design frontier
02:49:30 Ms. Melodie Yashar – Space Exploration Architecture: the Moon and Mars
03:03:28 Dr. Jack Stuster – Tasks, Skills, and Abilities for the First Human Expeditions to Mars
03:33:33 Conclusion
03:42:12 Panel Discussion
04:42:00 Fin