(March 27, 2021) The 3rd International AIAA LA-LV Space Architecture Gathering

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Video on YouTube:
Part 1: Presentations: https://youtu.be/GfrLlGE8uIE
Part 2: Panel Discussion: https://youtu.be/Kall6qBNz8w
 (Also see the upload on this site below)

Shared Files or links:

Prof. Madhu Thangavelu: Ultimate Vacation-Planet Moon Youtube Edition November 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1wgKVZVp-o

Dr. Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger: (See below PDF)

Mr. Vittorio Netti (See Below PDF)

Mr. Giuseppe Calabrese: (See below PDF)

for the video shown in the presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEUtxFUweDI for the awarding by Terry Virts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9qUBF8zZpc

Ms. Mahsa Moghimi Esfandabadi (See Below PDF)

Prof. Philip Sadler (See Below PDF)

Ms. Mirha Vlahovljak (See Below PDF)

Mr. Xavier De Kestelier:

Mr. Kriss Kennedy: (See below PDF)

Mr. Kurt Lundell (Didn’t present on March 27, 2021): (Additional Video)
a link to a drone video of the SpaceX site in Boca Chica, TX where several large Sprung Structures are being utilized to manufacture the Starships, https://www.instagram.com/p/CLr-uyuBfjv
or LinkedIn, https://www.linkedin.com/posts/timsprung_the-spacex-south-texas-launch-site-also-activity-6764966832685355008-SCLC

Agenda: Space Architecture Gathering for Saturday March 27th, 2021

(Note: Pacific Daylight Time=PDT (GMT-0700))

Let us go from Earth orbit to Moon to Mars and then Simulators!

10:00 AM PDT – Welcome (Dr. Dan Dumbacher, AIAA Executive Director)

10:15 AM PDT: Prof. Madhu Thangavelu (USC) (Moderator, Welcome, Keynote)

10:30 AM PDT: Prof. Sandra Haeuplik-Meusburger – Space Habitats and Habitability, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

10:45 AM PDT: Mr. Vittorio Netti – Human-Robot Collaboration as an Enabler of Scalable Human Presence in Space, SICSA and Politecnico di Milano, Italy

11:00 AM PDT: Prof. Behrokh (Berok) Khoshnevis – Planetary Construction and In-Space Fabrication using Large-Scale 3D printing, Contour Crafting Corporation, CA

11:15 AM PDT: Mr. John Mankins – (TBD), Mankins Space Technology, Inc.

11:30 AM PDT: Ms. R.Pailes-Friedman, Mr. M.Morris, and Ms. Christina Ciardullo – Lunar Lantern & Landing Pad, SEArch+ Architects

11:45 AM PDT: Mr. Rodrigo Romo, Basalt Sintering for ISRU Applications, Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES), Hawaii

12:00 PM PDT: Mr. Daniel Inocente, Advancing Architecture, Integrated Tectonics, Senior Designer, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, New York

12:15 PM PDT: Mr. Giuseppe Calabrese, Urban farming for extreme environment on Mars, Sydney, Australia

12:30 PM PDT: Mr. Jim Rhoné, Building Bioregenerative Worlds, Interstellar Lab, Paris

12:45 PM PDT: Ms. Mahsa Moghimi Esfandabadi – Greenhouse for Partial Gravity: Architecture and Systems Approaches, Independent Space Habitats and Greenhouses Designer, Houston

01:00 PM PDT: Mr. Philip Sadler, Lunar/Mars Greenhouse, Sadler Machine Co. & University of Arizona

01:15 PM PDT: Ms. Mirha Vlahovljak, HiveMars: Design of a Hybrid-class, scalable Settlement on the Martian Surface, Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy

01:30 PM PDT: Prof. Michael Fox,  A Brief Overview of the CPP NASA X-Hab, CalPoly Pomona, CA.

01:45 PM PDT: Mr. Xavier de Kestelier, The Value of Design: Mars Habitat, Hassell Architects, FL

02:00 PM PDT: Mr. Sebastian Frederiksen, LUNARK – 100 days Lunar analog in an unfolding habitat in the arctic, SAGA Space Architects, Denmark

02:15 PM PDT: Prof. Pablo de Leon, Planetary Habitat Analogs at the University of North Dakota, University of North Dakota

02:30 PM PDT:  Mr. Kriss J. Kennedy, Architect. A Vision of the Future: Built-in-Place Architectures, USS, Inc / TECHNE’ Architects LLC., Houston

02:45 PM PDT: Discussion

03:30 PM PDT: Adjourn

Video Transcripts:



AIAA LA LV March 27 Space Architecture Presentations
AIAA LA LV March 27 Space Architecture Panel Discussion

00:00:00 Dan Dumbacher (AIAA Executive Director) (Welcome)
00:06:15 Prof. Madhu Thangavelu (Introduction)
00:18:20 Prof. Sandra Haeuplik-Meusburger
00:37:20 Mr. Vittorio Netti
01:00:50 Prof. Behrokh (Berok) Khoshnevis
01:14:20 Mr. John Mankins
01:27:40 Mr. M.Morris (with R.Pailes-Friedman, and Ms. Christina Ciardullo)
01:47:53 Mr. Rodrigo Romo
01:59:05 Mr. Daniel Inocente
02:17:20 Mr. Giuseppe Calabrese
02:36:30 Mr. Jim Rhoné
02:50:29 Ms. Mahsa Moghimi Esfandabadi
03:09:50 Mr. Philip Sadler
03:26:40 Ms. Mirha Vlahovljak
03:46:00 Prof. Michael Fox
03:57:40 Mr. Xavier De Kestelier
04:12:25 Mr. Sebastian Frederiksen
04:43:50 Prof. Pablo de Leon
05:04:16 Mr. Kriss J. Kennedy
05:31:05 Prof. Madhu Thangavelu (Conclusion)
05:51:24 (Part I Fin)(See Part II Panel Discussion: https://youtu.be/Kall6qBNz8w)

(Further Panel Discussion in another video: https://youtu.be/Kall6qBNz8w)
(Shared presentation files and other links on:

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AIAA Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section

AIAA LA-LV New Space mini-Conference 2020, April 18, 2020 (online)

AIAA LA-LV New Space mini-Conference 2020, April 18, 2020 (online):

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AIAA LA LV YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCJrx_vB7oxnU6T1yinEapg

Dr. Chandrashekhar Sonwane (Welcome Message):  https://youtu.be/VQRuYqxF5Cw

John Rose (Welcome Message): https://youtu.be/Chfpm0e7_TA

Shawn Boike (Space Force): https://youtu.be/5Sbzi9rAmRk

Prof Joyce Liao: Eye-brain issues in microgravity & effect of hypoxia in COVID-19 infection: https://youtu.be/TXhNGVgiOVE

Fred Lawer: https://youtu.be/XXgcwKGDr2w

Matthew Kunhs: https://youtu.be/yMrZ2fdZxdw

Marty Waldman: https://youtu.be/nruc5LJndGo

Moises Seraphin: https://youtu.be/jk8xHTRWHeo

Brett Cornick: https://youtu.be/jYuI-JEGwLU

Larry Trager and Dr. Cheng-Yi Lu: https://youtu.be/do75XBeDRco

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Dr. Chandrashekhar Sonwane (Welcome)
Shawn Boike (Space Force)
Fred Lawler (Resume & Interview Tips)
Marty Waldman (Nuclear Power / Clark County)
Brett Cornick (Technologies for earth & beyond)
April 18 Dr. Dan Raymer

John Rose (Welcome)
Prof. Joyce Liao (Microgravity Space Medicine)
Matthew Kuhns (Artemis & Additive Manufac.)
Moises Seraphin (Challenges/Future Generation)
Larry Trager and Dr. Cheng-Yi Lu