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Award-winning Program

Sci-Fi vs Sci-Tech (A Neil’s Day Event)
Apollo XI (49th) and Vikings (42nd) Anniversaries
July 14, 2018
“The 3rd Place Best Event of the Year among largest AIAA Professional Sections”…/aiaa-announces-section-awards-winners” Very Large: Los Angeles-Las Vegas, Robert Friend, section chair. Sci-Tech vs Sci-Fi. This event was held at the #Redondo Beach Public Library in commemoration of the #Apollo11 (49th) and #Viking (42nd) anniversaries and featured a Q&A panel with retired engineers that had worked on Apollo and Viking during their careers as the introductory portion of the program, whose purpose was really stage-setting — discussing the accomplishments of the past in preparation for the main session, which was a give-and-take between panelists from current academic, engineering, and #scientific careers (Sci-Tech) “debating” with an opposing group of panelists with a science fiction (Sci-Fi) background (authors, movie industry, and artists). The session was moderated by University of Southern California Professor #MadhuThangavelu. The primary purpose of the event was outreach and networking to connect with the local community and demonstrate the connections between what we used to think was “science fiction” and is now science fact, and that much of engineering takes imagination that is not that different from that used to #visualize what “could be”if technology only enabled it.”

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