Member Spotlight (March 2, 2020) on Dr. Jeffery Puschell

Member Spotlight (March 2, 2020) on Dr. Jeffery Puschell

AIAA Fellow

Principal Investigator, Technical Director, Principal Engineering Fellow, Chief Scientist, Chief Engineer, Lead System Engineer

Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems

Former AIAA Region VI Director

Former AIAA LA-LV Section Chair

Dr. Jeff Puschell is an internationally recognized scientist-engineer with 30+ years of proven success as Principal Investigator, Chief Scientist, Chief Engineer, Technical Director or Lead System Engineer on 15+ major projects sponsored by governments and private industry in space-based remote sensing, laser-based systems, observational astrophysics and underwater laser systems. He is author or co-author of 130+ technical publications, co-editor and co-author of Space Mission Engineering: The New SMAD, the leading textbook and reference source for space systems engineering, co-author for Standard Handbook for Aerospace Engineers, 2nd Edition and co-author for AccessScience, among many other publications. He is a Raytheon Principal Engineering Fellow, AIAA Fellow and SPIE Fellow. He and his wife Dana live in Hermosa Beach and Solvang, California.

Dr. Puschell been a space guy since first grade. His earliest memory of wonder is from a dark summer night. After arriving home with his family, his father picked him up from the back seat of their 1959 Edsel to carry him into the house, because he had been asleep. As his father picked him up, he woke up and looked up at the summer Milky Way, immediately awestruck. That moment propelled him to who he is today. His parents reinforced that wonder on his next birthday with a 2.5 inch Gilbert Newtonian reflector telescope, which he used until he made an 8 inch Newtonian reflector from an Edmund kit in junior high school. Along the way, he made and launched Estes rockets, entered and won awards in local, regional, state and national science fairs. He has been blessed with a life of endless wonder that he is always happy to share with others.