(March 6, 2021) AIAA LA-LV University Student Branches mini-Conference 2021

RSVP and Information: https://conta.cc/37028B7

Tentative Agenda (All Time PST (Pacific Standard Time)

10:10 AM PST: Mr. J. Philip Barnes (Pelican Aero Group) Professional Session 1
10:55 AM PST: UCLA Student Branch
11:10 AM PST: CSULB Student Branch
11:25 AM PST: UNLV Student Branch
11:40 AM PST: USC Student Branch
11:55 AM PST: Dr. Nahum Melamed (Aerospace Corp.) Professional Session 2
12:25 PM PST: Mr. Bill Kelly (Aerojet-Rocketdyne Retired) Professional Session 3
12:55 PM PST: Mr. Jyot Bawa (L.A. Gauge, President)
01:30 PM PST: Career Panel Discussion and further Q&A
02:30 PM PST: Breakout meeting 1-1 or 1-few with the speakers/panelists
(Panelists: Prof. Claire Leon, Mr. J. Philip Barnes, Dr. Nahum Melamed, Mr. Bill Kelly, Mr. Sina Aboutorabi, Atty. Jennifer Perdigao, Mr. Jyot Bawa)
03:30 PM PST: Adjourn (and networking if preferred)

YouTube AIAA LA-LV Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCJrx_vB7oxnU6T1yinEapg

Video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Jf9RzJ3tEoQ
 (Also see the upload on this site below)

AIAA LA LV March 6 University Student Branches mini-Conference 2021