Joan Horvath: Member Spotlight Dec. 23, 2019

Joan Horvath:
Nonscriptum LLC / AIAA Member

Joan Horvath started her career as a fairly conventional rocket scientist, with degrees from MIT and UCLA and a long stint at JPL. Then she moved into the entrepreneurial world, where she has migrated into a focus on 3D printing in general and its use to teach math and science in particular. Most recently for nearly five years Joan has had a creative partnership with 3D printer guru Rich Cameron,  Nonscriptum LLC ( with a focus on training people to use 3D printing, open-source electronics, and similar tech.  Joan and Rich have also collaborated on seven books, with two more in preparation, as well as LinkedIn Learning (formerly courses on additive manufacturing.  They also have an initiative to change how math and science are taught by developing hands-on 3D printing books and curriculum.

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