Gallery-Vahik Khodagolian

Vahik Khodagolian is an innovative award-winning Aeronautical engineer with research experience, who has dedicated over 20 years of his life to work with teams of engineers throughout the world on challenging Aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, Oceanography, and renewable energy projects. His interest in Aeronautical Engineering can be traced back to when he was a child and had the privilege of sitting in the cockpit of the plane with the captain who explained how the “big birds” as I called them fly.

What began as a hobby 20 years ago, has now become my passion. I am an aeronautical engineer who discovered a love for painting. My works are inspired and rooted in my love for nature, harmony, and balance. I am dedicated to bringing out the best in the world around me by reflecting it in my art.
Since then, Vahik has pursued advanced degrees in Aeronautical Engineering from: Scandinavian Academy of Aeronautics, University of Gothenburg and Chalmers, Cranfield University, City University of London, and MIT.
Regardless of the important lessons he learned in textbooks, Vahik relied heavily on his inspiration of designs in nature applying biomimetics principles on engineering projects in Sweden where he grew up. During his time conducting aerodynamic research at City University of London, Vahik was inspired by the bird’s optimum flapping frequency and applied it to controlling the flow over helicopter rotor blades using pulsed jets. While at GVA in Sweden, Vahik was inspired by wavy structures found on marine animals which he discovered reduced vortex induced vibrations, including Seals wavy whiskers and the hammerhead sharks wavy shaped head.
At Semcon (a consulting firm), he earned the title as “Distinguished Engineer” for his development of novel passive flow control technology on Cars that later lead to his recognition for the “Best Paper Award” at the SAE International Congress in Brazil. In his work at the Swedish National Metrological and Hydrological Institute, he made vital hydrodynamic predictions of the flow of an immersed 900-foot long tunnel construction in Stockholm, Sweden.
Most recently, he worked with a company named Seatwirl in Sweden where he helped design and simulate one of the world’s first 1 MW vertical axis floating wind turbine. In addition, he conducted extensive research and development on biomimetic designs that could be applied to wind turbines, including leading edge serrations inspired by owls’ wings and Seguaro Cactus shaped tower to reduce vortex induced vibrations.
Currently here in California, he is a freelancing consultant in Fluid Dynamics and has recently published a book entitled Nature’s Magicians which was inspired by his passion for Biomimetics. He is also doing post-graduate online courses through MIT. He is excited to be part of the AIAA’s Los Angeles-Las Vegas Division as a Council Member where he serves as the Chair of Technical Writing where he can continue to promote the aerospace and engineering industry.