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Dr. Swati Saxena (MBSE/ANSYS)|John Purvis (Airplane Accident Investigation)

June 5, 2021 @ 10:00 am 1:10 pm PDT

(1) Digital Transformation through MBSE – ANSYS technology stack, workflows and use-cases, by Dr. Swati Saxena (2) Accidents Happen – Inside the Process of an Airplane Accident Investigation, by Mr. John Purvis

RSVP and Information: https://conta.cc/33144XN

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AIAA LA-LV e-Town Hall Meeting

Saturday, June 5, 2021, 10 AM PDT


(Part I)

Digital Transformation through MBSE – ANSYS technology stack, workflows and use-cases


Dr. Swati Saxena

Technical and Project Manager, ANSYS Inc.


(Part II)

Accidents Happen

– Inside the Process of an Airplane Accident Investigation


Mr. John Purvis

Retired, Accident investigation team, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Former AIAA Distinguished Lecturer

Volunteer, Seattle Museum of Flight


Digital Transformation through MBSE – ANSYS technology stack, workflows and use-cases

Swati Saxena, PhD

AIAA Lifetime Senior Member

B. Tech. – IIT Kanpur

MS and PhD in Aerospace Engineering – Penn State University

Lead Research Scientist and Program Manager – GE Global Research

Technical and Project Manager – Ansys Inc. (2018 – present)

Areas of Interest: Machine Learning in Simulation, Engineering Design – MBSE,/PIDO, Fluid Mechanics and Aero-acoustics, Gas Turbine Design

20+ publications, 2 patents


Accidents Happen – Inside the Process of an Airplane Accident Investigation

The presentation looks at the exciting field of large airplane accident investigation – the “heavy metal” of the industry – and, in particular, the role played by the manufacturer and other organizations involved in the investigation. It reviews the current process used to determine the probable causes after an airplane crash. Several sections are outlined to take the audience through the process from beginning to end in a simple, logical and understandable way. It discusses the respective roles of ICAO, NTSB, FAA, other governments and the parties (airline, airframe and component manufacturers, unions and others) working together toward a conclusion.


By the end the audience has an appreciation of the enormity of the accident investigation task and how it is accomplished in an organized, thorough and fair way and how the overall safety of the aviation system is enhanced in the process. The presentation is aimed toward a mixed audience and is purposely “tech lite.” It is liberally laced with accident photos verbally enhanced with “war stories” from the author’s extensive career as a “tin kicker.’

Mr. John Purvis is a Museum of Flight volunteer docent and a member of their Board of Trustees. He has volunteered at the museum for over 15 years. John has logged 62 years in aviation, with 36 of those in aviation safety.


Mr. John Purvis has been hooked on aviation for 65 years. For the last 17 years of his 43-year Boeing career he led the accident investigation team for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Since retirement at the end of ’98, John has continued to be involved with aviation safety and accident investigation. However, these days most of his energy is spent as a volunteer docent at Seattle’s Museum of Flight and an emeritus member of their Board of Trustees.


During his tenure, the Boeing fleet experienced approximately 2,500 events, more than 250 of which were classified as accidents involving hull losses, fatalities, or major damage. His role in coordinating the implementation of safety recommendations with Boeing’s design, maintenance, and operations teams has made vital contributions to the safety of the world’s fleet and for the flying public.


In addition to his safety management and accident investigation skills, John was a specialist in the fields of mechanical and fluid systems, including hydraulics, landing gear, and flight controls. He is a graduate of the University of Washington with degrees in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. He is a registered professional engineer and a private pilot; he also holds a certificate in aviation accident investigation from the Southern California Safety Institute (SCSI). He was an American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Distinguished Lecturer for eight years.


John’s views are widely sought. He has spoken at government and industry safety meetings throughout the world and has served as panelist and speaker at many industry meetings and conferences as well as authoring numerous technical papers and articles. He was on the U.S. team at ICAO/AIG ‘92 and ‘99 in Montreal. John has also taught accident investigation courses at many venues, including the FAA’s Transportation Safety Institute, Canada’s facility at Cornwall, SCSI and for numerous customers. He has also served as a panel member at ALPA’s basic accident investigation class.”


Disclaimer: The views of the speakers do not represent the views of AIAA or the AIAA Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section.



Dr. Ken Lui, Events/Program Chair, LA

AIAA Los Angeles – Las Vegas Section | events.aiaalalv@gmail.com | aiaa-lalv.org


June 5
10:00 am – 1:10 pm PDT
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AIAA Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section

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