AIAA LA-LV August 2020 Newsletter

1 A Science Armada Sets Sail for Mars in 2020
2 How to Effectively and Affordably Observeyour Complex System for Emerging Issues
3 NASA Astronauts Safely Splash Down afterFirst Commercial Crew Flight to Space Station
4 Dynetics to develop NASA’s ArtemisHuman Lunar Landing System
5 3D Print Your Own Dynetics’Human Landing System
6 Carnegie Mellon Robot, Art ProjectTo Land on Moon in 2021
7 Comet C/2020 F3 “NEOWISE”
8 What Mourning the “Death” of a RobotLooks Like on Social Media
9 Participating in IAAC 2020
10 Near-Earth Object ExplorationLeading to Human Visits
11 e-Town Hall Meeting (11 July, 2020, AM)
12 AIAA LA-LV Honors Aerospace AfricanAmerican Professionals! (11 July, 2020, PM)
13 AIAA LA-LV Apollo 11 (51st) and Vikings (44th)Anniversary (18 July, 2020)
14 AIAA LA-LV Online Exhibition / Outreach toSatellite and Education Conference XXXIII (7/25)
15 Young Professional (YP) Trivia Night ! (7/27)
16 e-Town Hall Meeting (August 1)
17 e-Town Hall Meeting (August 8)
18 Young Professional (YP) e-Happy Hour (8/14)
19 Aerospace Women’s Career Day Event (8/15)
40 Comet Neowise Gallery
44 AIAA Member Spotlight:Daneil R. Adamo and Janet Grondin
45 Honorary Fellow: Prof. Jason L. Speyer
47 Upcoming Events
62 Advertisement Board & Job Posting
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AIAA Los Angeles – Las Vegas Section May 2020 Newsletter

1 The East is Red – 50 Years of China in Space
2 ICBM Sustainers Kept the Weapon System Effective for Decades
3 COVID living as a proxy for life in space
4 Connecting to space through dark night skies
5 Astrobotic to Develop New Commercial Payload Service for NASA’s Human Landing System
6 New Space mini-Conference 2020
7 e-Happy Hour April 24 & May 8
8 e-Town Hall Meeting April 25
9 e-Town Hall Meeting May 2
10 Maureen Zappala: Exposing The Impostor Syndrome (May 9)
11 e-YP-Happy Hour May 14
12 e-Aero Alumni Luncheon May 20
13 e -Reception Virtual Gallery and Artists
14 e-Town Hall Meeting May 23
15 Spy Pilot, Francis Gary Powers (March 5) 29 Member Spotlight Summary
32 Upcoming Events
39 Advertisement Board
41 Memorial Day Special
42 Hyperfast Flying Wing Package Drones and Air Taxis with Hydrogen (H2) Fuel Cells, PLASMA Flow Control and Bionic StingRAY Geometry -H2PLASMARAY