Arpine Ovsepyan: Member Spotlight Dec. 9, 2019

Arpine Ovsepyan:
STEM Educato / AIAA Member

Arpine Ovsepyan is an internationally award winning educator who is passionate about empowering future generations to pursue STEM careers. Within her position as a California Educator, she has worked hard to be an agent of change to build bridges in our educational system to help inspire marginalized groups expand on their post graduate education plans.

Her journey as a STEM educator started while designing innovative project based learning Career Technical Education (CTE) programs for students pursuing careers in Engineering, Science, Health Education, Space, Medical, and Dental Programs. Her curriculum was used at a variety of Los Angeles area schools including Glendale Community College and Glendale Unified School District. Many of the programs she created included internship opportunities that resulted in students going on to higher education programs at UCLA, USC, Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Cal State Northridge and other prestigious schools in the area.

Specializing in differentiation and brain based learning, her curriculum utilized Universal Design for Learning principles that force students to use their critical thinking skills to solve complex real world problems engineers and scientists face on a daily basis.

In fact, her work earned her distinguished awards as an educator where she was recognized at the White House by the international education organization, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) for her contributions to the educational field. Ovsepyan has received numerous other awards including Who’s Who Among American Teachers and Educators, Who’s Who Among Professional Women in Education, California State University, Northridge, Phi Kappa Phi and Pi Lambda Theta Education Honor Society, City of Glendale.

She later went on to train new teachers in graduate level teacher preparation programs for Point Loma Nazarene and Concordia University. Within that role, she taught courses that incorporate literacy throughout the curriculum and emphasized STEM in order to facilitate learning and mastery of the rigorous Next Generation Science and Common Core standards.

Following her heart as an avid science lover, Ovsepyan recently worked with educators throughout the State of California and the California Department of Education to review Next Generation Science Questions for statewide tests in Sacramento.As an educational consultant for the Napa Valley Office of Education and Goalbook Software company in San Francisco, she helped design programs that are used throughout K-12 classrooms throughout the nation.

In an effort to inspire others, she has published several peer reviewed articles and books related to her work with STEM and has been featured on Podcasts throughout the world. Sharing a joint passion for science, education and nature, she and her husband, Vahik Khodagolian who is an aeronautical engineer, co-authored a book on science topics related to engineering, space, and biomimicry entitled Nature’s Magicians that can be found on Amazon at

They both enjoy volunteering for AIAA, California Science Center and mentoring future generations by participating in the Von Karman lectures at JPL with students in order to instill and spark their creativity to dream big as engineers.

Ovsepyan earned her Bachelors, Teaching and Administrative Credentials, and Master’s Degree at Cal State Northridge where she active in the Alumni Association. She later went onto do post graduate studies at the University of Pacific, UC Berkeley, and CSU Fullerton.

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