AIAA LA-LV August 2020 Newsletter

1 A Science Armada Sets Sail for Mars in 2020
2 How to Effectively and Affordably Observeyour Complex System for Emerging Issues
3 NASA Astronauts Safely Splash Down afterFirst Commercial Crew Flight to Space Station
4 Dynetics to develop NASA’s ArtemisHuman Lunar Landing System
5 3D Print Your Own Dynetics’Human Landing System
6 Carnegie Mellon Robot, Art ProjectTo Land on Moon in 2021
7 Comet C/2020 F3 “NEOWISE”
8 What Mourning the “Death” of a RobotLooks Like on Social Media
9 Participating in IAAC 2020
10 Near-Earth Object ExplorationLeading to Human Visits
11 e-Town Hall Meeting (11 July, 2020, AM)
12 AIAA LA-LV Honors Aerospace AfricanAmerican Professionals! (11 July, 2020, PM)
13 AIAA LA-LV Apollo 11 (51st) and Vikings (44th)Anniversary (18 July, 2020)
14 AIAA LA-LV Online Exhibition / Outreach toSatellite and Education Conference XXXIII (7/25)
15 Young Professional (YP) Trivia Night ! (7/27)
16 e-Town Hall Meeting (August 1)
17 e-Town Hall Meeting (August 8)
18 Young Professional (YP) e-Happy Hour (8/14)
19 Aerospace Women’s Career Day Event (8/15)
40 Comet Neowise Gallery
44 AIAA Member Spotlight:Daneil R. Adamo and Janet Grondin
45 Honorary Fellow: Prof. Jason L. Speyer
47 Upcoming Events
62 Advertisement Board & Job Posting
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